about the show

Press Release

The DeviANTs are a self-named musical theatrical comedy troupe that rose out of Lifetime Network’s Drama Club program.  Featuring adult artists with developmental disabilities, they have been creating and performing for the last 2 years and will present completely original songs and sketches created over the last 4 months.  

Most recently, the DeviANTs performed as a majority of the cast of “The Great Big Show” at the McPherson Theatre in February 2018.  The show was an enormous hit, selling over 1000 tickets and changing audience’s perceptions of the developmentally disabled.  We prefer the term “special abilities”.  The DeviANTs Spring Concert contains 20 completely new, never before seen pieces.

Songs include “I’m On Fire, Everything is Better With Friends, The Middle Finger Song, Extra Special Beautiful Girl, Hornets Rats and Otters, Fall in Love, & Piranhas in the Pool”

Join us for an evening (or afternoon) you will never forget.

Tickets are $20 advance, but no one will be turned away at the door for financial reasons.

Directed by Wes Borg.  Co-produced by Kathryn Popham of Delusional Productions and Lifetime Networks.

Lifetime Networks is proud to offer their support to this production. Lifetime Networks is a non-profit agency in the South Island supporting adults living in the community with disabilities. Their mission is to build and maintain lasting friendships for people with disabilities through innovative supports.

Contact dramaclubvictoria@gmail.com for press interviews and multimedia materials.

Featuring members of The Derwin Blanshard Orchestra - Deleina Mae and Gord Marshall

"It’s certainly an eye-opener for me, to see performers from this population working with incredible dedication, wit, focus, absence of ego, and presence of collaborative spirit. It’s otherworldly.”

- Mollie Kaye, Focus Magazine

Times Colonist Review, Feb 2018

"It's a touching show, with several rousing moments...."

- Adrian Chamberlain